Sunday, September 14, 2008

Swim Team

So, I just broke the news to DH about how much money we are putting out for B's swim team. It's very expensive. First you have to join the Y, then you have tryout fees, then there is the fee. Of course you need a swim team suit to wear at the meets along with the warm up suit and possible bag (do you need one...probably not, but you want them to feel a total part of the team.
How can I feel okay with the cost? They practice 4 days a week and meets on Saturdays. I know the exercise is going to be wonderful for her and the coaches I have watched are top notch. So far after 1 practice she is inlove with the sport. I believe this is a team and individual sport that is so good for self esteem. I am so proud of her for making the team. She is proud of herself too. The look in her eyes when she found out she made the team is not a look we see often. Today we have a parent meeting starting at 3 pm. I don't expect to be home until after 7. She also has practice in the middle of it all. (sigh) Ya know? I am looking forward to it.