Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Kindergarten Orientation

I took Erika to her Kindergarten Orientation. She was a bit scared when we first got there, but went right in as the principal walked me in the other direction. I have to say, my stomach went a little fluttery, but I am super excited for her. She got to ride on the school bus and she had a snack(which she can't remember what it was). They did a little coloring. She is very excited now, but continues to call it Baily's school. I can't wait for her to realize it will be her school too!

Back for more tomorrow. I just hope she understands we have to wait until September to start going there!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

10 th Anniversary

I met my husband when I was 16. We went to High School together, but it wasn't until my friend Jenny introduced me that I got to know him. She was interested in him, but he had dated her sister and just didn't feel right dating her. We met by accident. really. there was an accident at the end of her road and we went to see it. the car was in the woods upside down. Shamus happened to be driving that way and saw us and stopped to chat. Jenny was looking like the hunch back of notre dame due to 3 slipped discs in her back. shamus gave her a ride back to her house. I totally thought this was perfect since she was so into him. My dad came to pick me up and Jenny yelled to me that he wanted me to call him. No Way was I calling him. I did. But it was when I knew he was working and I just left my phone number. The history.

Our Wedding day couldn't have rained harder. It poored! I didn't care. We had so much fun at our wedding! The reception was huge! you should have seen the seafood station! 3 tables long!
To this day I have not been at a better wedding. Everybody danced! everybody!

Our Honeymoon was in Ireland and a quick visit to England. 3 weeks. It was also awesome!

10 years later we have a House 3 Kids a dog and 5 or 6 fish.

now, i am going to finish up 1st grade homework...the fun never ends!