Thursday, February 25, 2010

She's 10

She's 10 and I can't believe it. I am the mother of a 10 year old smart, creative, headstrong, athletic, beautiful girl. I remember turning 10. How is it possible to have my own daughter that is now 10 years old. She will have these memories now and forever. She is so much more grown up then I was at 10. For starters...she is way taller then I was at 10, thanks to her father's genes for sure! She loves to read... a lot. I would say it is her most favorite thing to do. Well, that and draw. They are her passion right now, reading and drawing. Warriors by Erin Hunter is #1 in her world. All she wants to do is read and draw about these cat clans that I will not ever understand. The phone and the computer should be attached at her fingertips and ear, however Jess and Julianna in person would be better. The next few years will be challenging I am sure... now if I can make it through the weekend with her!