Saturday, November 15, 2008

Swim Meet #3

She swam 4 events. DQ. Disqualified. twice. it is so hard to explain to her why without discouraging her. But, she placed third in backstroke and first in a free relay. Her coach made a huge deal about her being the one to close the gap, therefor giving them the win. She is diving in off the block, which she never thought she would do. Such a strong swimmer! Very proud of her!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Crazy times!

So, Life has been so busy lately. Baily's swim team is going well, she likes it a lot. I Love it. I admit I am living through her. I have gotten back to swimming myself becaus of it. She practices 3-4 times a week and this weekend she had her first meet/meets. She did so well! dropped 6 seconds off her backstroke time on Saturday and then another 4 off it on Sunday. I am so proud of her! Erika is having a hard time...middle child syndrom for sure. I am trying to make sure she has special things to do so she feels "equal" but the truth is she is only 6 and in 2 years will also have opportunities just like Baily. So for now, playdates when ever possible and special time together will have to do. Braydon...well, when ever he gets a chance...he tests me. He recently showed my expecting brother and sil what exactly they are in for. In 1 hour he was like the tazmanian devil. He has an ear infection right now, so more patience is needed for him.

this was all the time i had to update...not much of an update...but i am sure exhausted from it all!