Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 1 summer vacation

Started the summer vacation today with a mock swim meet. Both girls are swimming this year. Erika will be in the 8 U and Baily in the 9/10's. It went well. Both of them enjoy swimming, and I am excited to see them grow as swimmers. Erika can just make it to the end of the lane, but does it with determination. She is the youngest girl I think on the team. Baily who swam this winter is one of the younger ones in her age group, but one of the faster ones. This will be good for her. She needs to shine at something, this just might be it. Braydon wanted to show me how he did in back our hottub. I just might have to work on his skills this summer so he can be on the team next year!

Rules seem to be an issue. I am laying down the law. I feel like a nasty mother right now, but they sure are trying to get away with more then ever, and on the first day! Starting out with rule number 1...Make your bed before we go anywhere. Done! Suits hanging up...reminded a few times, but Done! It's 4:30 and they seem to finally be a little relaxed...not for long I am sure!


Lynette said...

You are doing such a great job with your kids. They are good athletes too.

Lynette said...
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